Geotag all your photos

Never ask yourself again where did you take that photo! Save the money for the GPS equipment for your DSLR, mirrorless or point-and-shoot camera.
You anyway have your mobile phone with you. Use it to geotag all your photos!

It's so easy

You only need your digital camera, your Windows Phone 8.x phone and a Microsoft Account (for storing trips in your OneDrive).

We give you an app for the Phone and one for your computer or laptop at home.

It's all you need!

This is all you need to know

  • Start a new trip in the app on the phone
  • Concentrate on taking beautiful photos
  • When you are done taking photos reactivate the app and finish the trip
  • By using your digital camera take 1-2 photos of the code displayed on the phone screen
  • Start the desktop application on your home Windows PC
  • Tell the application where your photos are
  • You are done!


Any kind of digital camera

It works with any kind of camera storing photos as JPEG. No need to synchronize time between phone and camera.

Locate your photos

Tag the location and altitude in all your photos. Later you'll know exactly where you took the picture.

Keep track of your trips

All your trips are stored in your OneDrive. You can review, analyse and delete trip from inside the phone app.

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Go Snap Some Amazing Photos

But don't forget us. We'll help you remember where you took them.

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